10 Tips For Thrift Store Shopping

Ever since our big move across the country, I have been trying to shop more at thrift stores and consignment shops, rather than big brand companies. It saves us money, is better for the environment, and I still get to treat myself to a little something without feeling guilty. Win, win! The other day I found this cute gray and black tank at the Salvation Army, and only paid $2 for it!!! Such a steal! So since I cannot link this top for you, I wanted to share some of my thrift store shopping tips!

1. Shop with a plan in mind. Thrift stores can be a little overwhelming. You can browse, but it’s always nice to go in with an idea of what you want or need.

2. Research while shopping. A lot of the times, while I’m thrift shopping, I come across brands that I am not familiar with. I always look that brand up on my phone. It’s helpful to gauge how much the company sells it’s product for. You may have a gem in your hand and not even know it!

3. Set a budget. Set an overall budget for your total purchase, and how much you are willing to spend on certain items.

4. Get creative. Loving the print of a pair of pants, but you need shorts? Cut the pants, stitch them up, and turn them into something that you need!

5. Know where to shop. Location, location, location. One of my favorite thrift stores in LA is located in Burbank. Burbank is home to Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros. Studios, and many others. This specific thrift store, called It’s A Wrap, sells movie and t.v. props and wardrobes. This means awesome brands, lightly used, and at a great price. Not all thrift stores are the same, so check out ones in different towns.

6. Know when to shopThe Salvation Army in my town posts a calendar that let’s customers know different deals that are occurring during the month. That is how I got this gray top for $2. The day that I went shopping was “All clothes $2”. At Goodwill there are sales based on the colors of the tags.

7. No hoarding. Just because something is cheap, does not mean that you need it. This is especially turn when certain items bring on nostalgia.

8. Don’t stick to your sizeI have tried on plenty of clothes that are in my size and do not fit. Explore every size.  AND TRY EVERYTHING ON!

9. Inspect the productPull clothes off the rack and to inspect items. Check for rips, stains, any piling of material, or faded colors from washing.

10. Give yourself timeTo truly have amazing thrift store finds, you need to put in the time. Go on a day where you can give yourself a couple hours to sift through the items. Patience will always pay off.

Thank you for reading!

xo, Jennifer

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