Hi! I’m Jenn; a 20-something Bostonian living in California. After living in New England my whole life, I packed my bags, kissed my loved ones goodbye, and moved to The Valley with my boyfriend and our fur baby. When I began my life in California, I had never been to the west coast, had no job, and barely knew a handful of people. I am happy to say that I am loving my transition from the east coast to the west coast!

I created Cute Teachings in August 2015, as a creative outlet for myself. The name Cute Teachings comes from my love of fashion and my career as a teacher. For the first three years of writing, I focused on cute and accessible fashion as a nanny/teacher. However, after a much needed break, I have decided to relaunch Cute Teachings as a lifestyle blog. Just as I have grown as a person, I feel as though Cute Teachings has evolved in it’s purpose. Follow along as I navigate through life! I hope that we can make self-discoveries together along the way.