Product Review: Boho Queen Jewelry

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I wanted to take the time to do a product review for you. Unfortunately, this will be an overall negative review. On a positive note though, out of the (almost) two years that I have been blogging, this will be my first negative review of a product. As much as I don’t like giving a bad review, I would never want to give you a false perception. If I just said everything was great, you would not value my opinion.

So, let’s begin! When Boho Queen Jewelry asked me to do a collaboration, I was so excited. As you guys my know, my style is bohemian inspired. As I was checking the website out, I had no idea what to get. All the pieces looked so beautiful, and at that point I had a positive outlook on this collaboration. However, once I opened the package, that changed.

The jewelry looked okay and they actually sent me an extra piece (the choker seen in the picture below). However, after taking a closer look I saw how cheap the jewelry was. That’s not to say that cheap jewelry is a crime…but Boho Queen Jewelry is selling these flimsy pieces for up to $109!!

I was mostly unhappy with the necklace (for reasons that you will see below). The earrings look cheap, but at least they don’t look like they are going to break right away. Since I was unhappy with my purchase, I decided to look into returning them (no I did not pay full price, but I didn’t want to wear jewelry that was going to inevitably break). However, when I went to the website to find directions to do so, I found this under their “Policies-Customer Agreement” section:

RETURNS & EXCHANGES POLICY: Boho Queen Jewelry is final sale due to health reasonings. Only in the case that your jewelry is received damage will Boho Queen Jewelry replace your jewelry at absolutely no cost to you. We call this our hassle free exchange policy. If you receive your jewelry damaged, please refer to the below policies regarding damaged items received and we will be happy to resolve this for you.

Boho Queen Jewelry does not offer a refund policy. All sales are considered final. Please be aware of these terms upon checkout as there is absolutely no alterations to our refund policy due to the fast turn around time we package and ship your jewelry and accessories.

AMBASSADOR PURCHASES / USING A DISCOUNT CODE: There is NO refunds, exchanges or store credits available for purchases made with a discount code. All sales are FINAL SALE when using a discount code – even if there is a delay in shipping time. If a chargeback is conducted, Boho Queen Jewelry has the right to charge the full retail value of the jewelry once USPS confirms delivery to your shipping address.

So, my friends, I will not be providing you with my ambassador code. I would feel horrible if you used my code, did not like the product, and was then unable to return/exchange it.

(See above) Part of the coloring is coming off the inside of the large gem.

(See above) The links are made from a light plastic and many of the links are not fully connected.

I do like these earrings, and even though they look like better quality than the necklace, I still do not think they are worth the price.

Overall, you may see these items styled into some of my outfits, however I will not be I hope that this review helps other bloggers who may be asked to become a brand ambassador with Boho Queen Jewelry. I also hope the future customers see this before making their purchase.

Until next time, thank you for reading!
xo, Jennifer

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