How To Style a Casual LBD


Hello, loves! Today I wanted to talk about a staple item in every girl’s closet, the trusty little black dress (or LBD). The LBD makes it’s mark by being the safety net in your closet. Have an event and you don’t know what to wear? Your LBD will be right there waiting for you, like a great BFF. But just because your LBD is (most often) a safe bet, does not mean that it needs to be a boring outfit.

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day, here in California! After our morning jog, my boyfriend and I attended church and then went on a double date for brunch. It was an all around beautiful Sunday! But that morning, I found myself in one of those tricky styling situations. I wanted to be dressed up enough for church, but casual enough for a meal with friends. That’s when my LBD came to mind! I grabbed my little black dress, made from cotton, and began to style it.

The key to styling a casual look with your LBD is to embellish. A LBD is just a plain black dress, until you make it your own. So add some flare! Personally, I love anything and everything bohemian, so I added my necklace from Nigeria and some large beaded hoop earrings. Adding your favorite jewelry will really help represent your true style.

Next, I love wearing black with cognac. I think that the black really makes the cognac pop! So I threw on my favorite gladiator sandals and matched them with my purse. These two pieces, along with my jewelry and denim jacket, brightened up my outfit and made it great for Spring. I wore my denim jacket because I love to layer, and wanted to take away from how tight the dress was. Finally, I threw on my REKS Optics sunnies, and was ready to go!

So make sure to stay true to you when you’re styling your LBD casual look. The key is to feel comfy and confident!

spring LBD

Cali girl

LBD spring outfit


LBD ootd

xxo, Jennifer

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Uniform for the Chilly Weather


Once the chilly weather hits New England, there is one article of clothing that I can never seem to leave my home without; a vest. I’m a complete sucker for these sleeveless wonders! People up North tend to have a higher tolerance for the cold, me included.  Put on a vest and you’re not too hot, not too cold. And best of all, instead of covering-up your outfit (like a coat normally would), vests complement your look and give it a little more depth.

My pom-pom hats are also fall and winter musts. I mean, who doesn’t love a warm hat with a dash of cuteness on top? And whether or not you believe the common perception that heat mostly leaves through our heads, I think we can all agree that wearing a hat can’t hurt.

Finally, I am so in love with these suede booties from Aldo. I seriously love them so much that I bought them twice. That’s right, I have a “brand new” pair just waiting in my closet for these ones to be too worn down (which I’m really pushing). They are so extremely comfortable, I couldn’t resist! The only thing that I regret, is not getting them in black as well.

I’ll be pushing this look until the chill turns into cold. Do you have any staple pieces at the moment? I’d love to know!


chilly ootd

wiw chilly look

outfit of the day

Outfit Details

Sweater: Express. This sweater is from last winter. Find similar sweater here. // Faded Medium Wash Blue Mid Rise Jean Legging: Express. // Booties: Aldo. These booties are from last year. Find similar booties here. // Quilted Vest: Raspberry Baret (Reading, MA location). The vest is originally from J. Crew. A similar vest can be found here. // Chain Link Crossbody Bag: The Paper Store. Faux Fur Pom-Pom Beanie: The Paper Store. // My choker is actually a bracelet! Not only is it on sale, but use my promo code CUTETEACHINGS to get an even bigger discount. Glampagne Shine Double Wrap Bracelet: Boho-Betty.

Until next time,

xxo, Jennifer

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How to Dress Between Seasons

img_2329Happy Monday, loves! I wanted to discuss something that we are all going through at the moment-dressing for the change in seasons. Fall doesn’t officially start until September 22nd, but here in New England, we’ve been experiencing some up and down temperatures. Last weekend, we were teased with some fall-like weather. Temperatures dropped to the sixties and we could walk around the city comfortably. Then this weekend rolled around and we were brought right back into the nineties.

Living in a place that has a distinct difference in seasons is amazing, but can make dressing during the transition periods a bit difficult. You can walk down the street and see someone in jeans and a flannel, with a pumpkin spice latte in hand. Those are the fall chicks who are more than ready for those cool crisp days, leggings, and pumpkin flavored everything. Guilty! Or you could be walking down that same street and see someone in shorts, a pastel tank top, and her favorite pompom gladiators. Those are the summer babes who are grasping onto those warm beach days, rosé, and crop tops. Well, whether you’re a fall chick or a summer babe, I’m here to help you feel comfortable and stylish during this transition from summer to fall. Because you know, that’s what friends are for!img_2322

  1. Start cleaning out your closet! I swear this will make you feel great! They say that your bedroom should always be clean, because it is supposed to be the most tranquil room in your home. Which makes sense, it’s where you go to rest. Not only will a clean closet make you feel better, it will also have you looking better. You’ll be more organized and prepared for the up coming season.
  2. Dress for the weather! Before I get dressed in the morning, I always check the weather. Because, let’s be honest, if it’s ninety degrees and you’re wearing a flannel, you’re going to look silly. This is the perfect time to style quarter length sleeves with shorts, and cropped jeans with short sleeve tops.
  3. Dress the part! Your outfit should evoke the season that we’re going into. You’ll want to mix and match various pieces from your closet to create the perfect outfit that combines the two seasons, while still focusing on the up and coming one. For example, the outfit I’m wearing is a loose-fitting off-the-shoulder top paired with jean shorts. I chose to keep this top handy because it can be worn in the summer and during the fall. If I styled it with white jeans and beige wedges, you have a fun summer look. However, here I styled it with dark ripped shorts and black lace-ups to emphasize on fall fashion.
  4. Layers are your friend! This can be brought back to the importance of dressing for the right weather. With the changing weather conditions, layers are going to be your best friend! A/C still blasting in the office? Thank goodness you brought that light sweater. Walk in the park? Hurray for layering that cute summer dress.








Outfit Details

*DISCLAIMER* My outfit was to show how you can transition pieces into different seasons. This helps one look fashionable, while not breaking the bank. However, this does mean that all my pieces are no longer available. I did my best to find similar items!

“Sign Me Up” Ghillie Flats: Nine West. You can find similar ones here. Off-the-shoulder top: H&M. You can find a similar ones herehere, and here.Distressed Jean Shorts: Express. You can find similar ones here.

Thank you so much for reading!

xxo, Jennifer

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