A Letter to my Grandparents in Heaven

*** Note: People tend to get confused when I call my grandmother “Mom”. My mother has not passed away. My siblings and I have always called my grandmother “Mom” because we were the first grandchildren on my mother’s side and no one called her “grandma” in front of us.

This year has brought a lot of change to my life. All the change has been wonderful, and I am incredibly grateful to the life I was given, and for the decisions I have made. However, with all this change, comes thought. Lately I have been doing a lot of reflecting, and have been thinking about my grandparents a lot. They have always been there for me, but are both deceased now. I wanted to take the time to write down all my thoughts in a letter form. The following is that letter. ***

Dear Mom and Papa,

It has been a little over a year now that Papa left me and went to Heaven. Although I am happy that you two are finally back together, I wanted to take this time to reflect on my thoughts.


You were always there for me. To some, this may be an obvious statement to make about a grandparent or family member. However, I grew up with a grandmother who really couldn’t care less about me, and aunts and uncles who followed suite when “necessary”. So for me, you two were extra special to me. I realized that family doesn’t always show unconditional love. So I appreciated everything that came from you, because with you, there was only unconditional love.

Thank you for all the sleepovers, lunch dates, shopping trips, and holidays. Thank you for attending every sporting event, dance recital, birthday party, and other major moments in my life. Thank you for all the life lessons you provided, whether they be on purpose, or unintentional. Thank you for being people of love, strength, and wisdom. Thank you for all the story, conversations, hugs and kisses.

And thank you for showing me how to grow from pain. Because the hardest thing that I have ever been through was losing the two of you.

If you know me, then you may know that I cry at silly things. Commercials about dogs or babies, songs that represent growth, and movies that depict drama or romance. However, I do not cry at the big moments in life. Graduations, car crashes, broken relationships…or even death.

Since I was a little girl, my family would comment on that. They very rarely saw me cry at these important moments of growth. I would wait until I was in private, and cry alone. In my mind, I believed that I was letting everyone else cope with their sadness. No one had to worry about me, they could cry their tears and know that I was strong enough to withhold it all.

Until you both passed away. I cried in private and in public. The crying seemed to not stop. You two were some of the most important people in my life. I think of you during every big life-changing, I hope that you are proudly looking down on me. In my heart I know- if you made it to every important event while you were living, you must be looking down at every important event while you’re in Heaven. It’s just how you are. Because I honestly believe unconditional love doesn’t stop at death. I think that it lives forever. So thank you for giving it to me, because I loved you unconditionally too. And I always will.

Thank you for building an incredible family. I am so, so lucky to be apart of it.

Love and miss you,


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Outfit Inspiration: Dress & Poncho

Happy Sunday! Here’s to another week of obsessing over what to wear! We’ve all had those moments…we try on clothes, change a million times, and then end up with the initial outfit we had on! It can become frustrating. Days like that I try to think of outfit inspirations I’ve drawn from other people. Whether it be from a magazine, show, or my favorite fashion blogger. 
The other day I had one of these moments of inspiration. I happened to stumbled upon this picture of my mother as a young girl. It instantly reminded me of the popular 70’s trend we are seeing a lot of recently. I love my mother’s knit poncho with fringe and how it falls over her dress. I am all about layering, and this is a new, creative way to do so!  From the moment I saw this picture, I knew that I would be recreating this outfit.
(My beautiful Mother, center.)
With the weather finally starting to cool down in Boston, I pulled out my favorite black knit poncho and leather boots this weekend! This poncho was gifted to me so I am not quite sure where it is from. However, I did find similar black ponchos…
As a rule of thumb, I always invest in leather boots. That is my ‘must splurge’ item! A girl needs a pair of boots that are going to last her for more than one winter. Us New Englanders need high quality boots that will keep us warm during those cold, snowy days. 
The boots that I am wearing are from G.H. Bass & Co.! As of right now, they do not carry the exact boot that I am wearing, but they do have similar styles. Furthermore, they are currently having an online sale of 40% off sitewide with promo code Fall40! Not to mention free shipping of purchases over $50! I personally just purchased these leather Quincy Quilted Riding Boots for under $63!! Money well spent!
I absolutely love my Side Slit Striped Mini Sheath Dress from Express! The side slit is a popular trend that we are seeing in a lot of this season. I loved this casual dress so much that I bought it in Black as well! It also comes in Heather Gray and Purple and Black Stripes (in-store only). It is comfortable and can be styled in various ways. Even though this dress is labeled as a ‘mini dress’ I would not say so. It falls right above my knee and I will definitely be wearing this dress while nannying. I will be posting different ways to style this dress at a later date, so stay tuned!

 My Jet Set Logo Tote is by Michael Kors. It is spacious and perfect for nannying! I can fit all my daily necessities, as well as the kids’, inside this roomy purse.

I had so much fun recreating my mother’s look! I hope you enjoyed! 
Until next time.
xo, Cute Teachings
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Casual Saturday

This week has been a rough one with my grandfather passing. He was 92 years old when kidney failure and cancer took his life. He and I were extremely close. When I was a young girl, he would attend every sporting event and be the loudest fan, cheering on the sidelines. He was always amazing to me and my family. Being the oldest grandchild, I was very lucky to have him for twenty-six years. I will always remember him and the amazing times we had together. RIP Papa.
I have been busy and distracted this week with everything going on. Therefore, I wanted to dress casual for Express today. This morning was a little chilly in Boston so I decided to wear lite jogger pants and a denim, long-sleeve shirt. At Express, they love a layered outfit, dressed up with jewelry!

My tee, denim shirt, and jogger pants are all from Express. The wash of my shirt is not sold any more. However, Express sells a Light Wash Denim Boyfriend Shirt that is similar. My Garment Dyed Fitted V-Neck Tee is on sale for $9.99, at the moment. My casual jogger pant are no longer sold in stores. Express does have a dressier version of my pant. They are the Pleated Jersey Jogger Pant and they are absolutely amazing! I love the material! They are very versatile and can be worn for work, casual days, or nights out. 
I hope you all had a better week than I did, and continue to having a nice weekend! Thanks for stopping by Cute Teachings!
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