Thirty Days of Thrifting

Happy Monday, loves!

On my previous post, 10 Tips For Thrift Store Shopping, I shared some of my tips and tricks for thrift store shopping with you. With that in mind, I have been doing a little thinking lately. Environmental issues have always been important to me, and lately my interest in sustainable fashion has flared up (again)! I have had so much fun checking out my local thrift stores and consignment shops, and I have been thinking of a way that I can show my readers just how great thrift store outfits can be. So, I decided to create a thirty day challenge for myself! I will be posting thrift store find (both fashion pieces and home decor items) on my Instagram, Cute Teachings, for thirty days. Each outfit will have at least one thrift store find styled into it. I hope that this provides you with thrift store chic inspiration, and motivates you to shop sustainable! I created the hashtag #thritydaysofthrifting so please follow along and feel free to add to hashtag!

Thank you for reading, and stay tuned!

xxo, Jennifer

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30 Ways To Practice Self Care & Reduce Stress

1. Get more sleep (whether it’s naps or going to bed earlier).

2. Eat food that makes you feel good (eat the rainbow).

3. Exercise (the way YOU like to exercise).

4. Have a deep conversation with a loved one.

5. Begin and end your day with 5 minutes of meditation/silence.

6. Journal about your thoughts and feelings.

7. Indulge in guilty pleasures from time to time (you deserve it).

8. Get a massage, a hair cut, or your nails done.

9. Practice healthy skin care routines (check out Delia Organics).

10. Go for a walk in nature.

11. Plan an evening of rest.

12. Try a new class (cooking, exercise, etc.).

13. End your day by thinking of 3 things that you are thankful for.

14. Buy your favorite scented candle.

15. Read a book that makes you think.

16. Spend time with your pet, or volunteer to walk a sheltered pet.

17. Watch the sunrise/sunset while drinking a nice beverage.

18. Give yourself a morning to sleep in (and don’t feel bad about it).

19. Cut caffeine and sugar.

20. Drink more water.

21. Write a list of what you love about yourself and your life.

22. Declutter/clean.

23. Grab your favorite snack and watch a movie.

24. Buy yourself your favorite flowers.

25. Eat slowly.

26. Give yourself an hour without your phone, computer, and other technologies.

27. Evaluate your goals and set steps to accomplish them.

28. Watch a documentary.

29. Meal prep for the week.

30. Volunteer in your community./Do a random act of kindness.



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Part One: My New Job

Happy Thursday, everyone! In my last few posts I have briefly mentioned my new job, and that I wanted to share some details with you. I thought that today would be the perfect day to do so, since it’s been exactly a month since my first day!


As many of you know, Alejandro, Piper and I moved from Boston to California in January. Alejandro had set plans for California however, I did not. There was no job waiting for me, but I thought that it would be rather quick and simple to find one. Boy, was I wrong. It clearly turned out to be a first-time-mover mistake. A month passed and there was still no job. I wasn’t too bothered though. I had worked two jobs since I was sixteen, and was secretly enjoying the down time. But then another month passed by. Alejandro was using my car to get to his internship so I wasn’t really leaving the house during the day. The Valley is much different from Boston; you can’t really get anywhere by foot. After spending my days alone with failed job searches, I was beginning to feel frustrated. I felt isolated and like a failure. When the third month of being jobless rolled around, I was becoming increasingly anxious. There would be days that Alejandro would come home, and I would be crying from frustration. Days like that, I would force myself to take a break from the job searching.

But, all that changed when my mother came to visit. They say that things work out when you least expect it, and that is exactly what happened when it came to my job. My mother surprised me by visiting me for my birthday! While we were out shopping, she began talking to the cashier about how I couldn’t find a job. This is something that I would never do, but my mother is super friendly and will talk to anyone that will throw a smile her way. So here she was, in California for a long weekend, talking to a total stranger about my struggles of trying to find a job. I rolled my eyes at this, but the woman became just as excited as my mother was, and mentioned that she had a friend who owned a preschool. Next thing I know, the woman is taking down my phone number so she can give it to her friend.

Days passed and I soon received a phone call from the woman who owns the preschool, looking to set up an interview. I walked into that school and did not want to leave. The owner was incredibly nice and had amazing energy. The women working there were all so sweet and welcoming. And I just loved the way the school was run. I can now happily say that I am a co-teacher of transitional-kindergarteners at a wonderful private preschool!

What I love most about this job is the women that I work with. They have all been so friendly, and have welcomed me into the school, and their lives, with open arms. I truly believe that God put me in this position so I can become better settled in California. During the past month I have been invited to a birthday party, double dates, and Easter celebrations. This has meant the world to me. Thanks to all these wonderful people, I am finally feeling more settled and at home, here in California!

If I had to give you one piece of advice when it comes to anything in life it would be to try your hardest, and then trust that the universe has you’re back.

Make sure to read next Thursday’s post: Part Two: How To Determine What Your Dream Job Is.

xxo, Jennifer

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