Makeup Free Monday


I’ll never forget the first event that I attended in California. It was less than a month after we had moved from Massachusetts, and I was so nervous. Over the past two years, I attended events in Boston, with all of my amazing Boston blogger friends. It was a strange thought that I would not be seeing any of them. But even though I was nervous, I pushed myself to go. Thankfully, all of the women that I met were extremely nice. It wasn’t just bloggers who attended, there were radio show hosts, TV hosts, and all these other cool bossladies.

While I was there, I noticed a difference between California style and Boston style. While I saw a lot of black and modesty in Bostonians, I noticed a lot of bright colors and glam in these Californians. Now, I should add that this event was held at Blushington, a gorgeous makeup and beauty lounge. But all the girls had arrived in dresses and heels, while I had in jeans and flats. And while I wore my usual “going-out face” (eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara), these women had extensions, lashes, and full faced makeup. Now, either style is fine! I am not judging what makes someone else feel amazing. I understand that some women love makeup and view it as an art. All I am trying to say is I felt uncomfortable in my own skin, because I felt less beautiful than these women. I felt like a small fish in a large pond. What was I doing??? I had been in my element in Boston. I felt comfortable and confident at every event, and now I was questioning myself.

I didn’t feel pretty and was getting in my own head. It felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb. I know that we have all experienced that once or twice in our lives, but it got me thinking: why are we so hard on ourselves? Why must we compare ourselves to each other? I have been so fortunate with all the women I have met, through blogging. We all lift each other up, help one another, and celebrate each other’s achievements. So if I do that with other women, why is it so hard to do that for myself?

I love how I feel when I wear makeup, but I also like how I feel without it. To be honest, I only wear makeup when Alejandro and I are going out on a date. It’s freeing to know that I can leave the house without makeup on, but that wearing it makes events even more special. So whether or not you love makeup, like makeup, or hate makeup – be confident. We are all so beautiful and unique. And treat yourself as well as you treat others. You deserve it!

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Part Two: How To Determine What Your Dream Job Is

In one of my previous posts, Part One: My New Job, I discussed my new job at a private preschool! Today I wanted to discuss some of the steps I recommend taking, when considering what work field you see yourself in. Many people that I know are twenty-somethings. It’s been years since we were eighteen, and being asked what we want to do with our lives. But a lot of the people that I know are still figuring out what they want to do for the rest of their lives. It’s a journey that has no certain deadline. Your calling can come to you at any point in time, and the best thing you can do to know who you are as an individual.

When it comes to my career, I am still growing and figuring out what I want to do. I have always loved teaching and writing, but I am unsure as to where those two passions will take me. But I’m excited about the journey! Here are a few focal points that I like to consider when thinking about what I want to do for a living. Some of these things are constant, while others are always changing and developing. When thinking about these points, I like to meditate and journal alone. After I have time to process my thoughts and internalize them, I like sharing them with a loved one, such as my boyfriend.

1.  Focus on your passions. What makes you want to get up every day? What interests you the most? What is on your mind the majority of the day?

2.  Reflect on your past. In your past jobs, what worked for you? What didn’t?

3.  Play on your strengths. What are you good at? What are your talents? Do you have any special skills that set you apart?

4.  Determine what kind of environment you want to be in. What kind of atmosphere do you want to walk into every day? What kind of people do you want to surround yourself with?

5.  Talk with people as many people as possible. Surround yourself with motivated, like-minded people who share similar goals as you. Ask them about their career.

6.  Make sure there is room to grow. You want to constantly be evolving. Make sure that your career path is a long one.

I hope that this advice helped you, and got you moving in the right direction!

Until next time!

xxo, Jennifer

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Part One: My New Job

Happy Thursday, everyone! In my last few posts I have briefly mentioned my new job, and that I wanted to share some details with you. I thought that today would be the perfect day to do so, since it’s been exactly a month since my first day!


As many of you know, Alejandro, Piper and I moved from Boston to California in January. Alejandro had set plans for California however, I did not. There was no job waiting for me, but I thought that it would be rather quick and simple to find one. Boy, was I wrong. It clearly turned out to be a first-time-mover mistake. A month passed and there was still no job. I wasn’t too bothered though. I had worked two jobs since I was sixteen, and was secretly enjoying the down time. But then another month passed by. Alejandro was using my car to get to his internship so I wasn’t really leaving the house during the day. The Valley is much different from Boston; you can’t really get anywhere by foot. After spending my days alone with failed job searches, I was beginning to feel frustrated. I felt isolated and like a failure. When the third month of being jobless rolled around, I was becoming increasingly anxious. There would be days that Alejandro would come home, and I would be crying from frustration. Days like that, I would force myself to take a break from the job searching.

But, all that changed when my mother came to visit. They say that things work out when you least expect it, and that is exactly what happened when it came to my job. My mother surprised me by visiting me for my birthday! While we were out shopping, she began talking to the cashier about how I couldn’t find a job. This is something that I would never do, but my mother is super friendly and will talk to anyone that will throw a smile her way. So here she was, in California for a long weekend, talking to a total stranger about my struggles of trying to find a job. I rolled my eyes at this, but the woman became just as excited as my mother was, and mentioned that she had a friend who owned a preschool. Next thing I know, the woman is taking down my phone number so she can give it to her friend.

Days passed and I soon received a phone call from the woman who owns the preschool, looking to set up an interview. I walked into that school and did not want to leave. The owner was incredibly nice and had amazing energy. The women working there were all so sweet and welcoming. And I just loved the way the school was run. I can now happily say that I am a co-teacher of transitional-kindergarteners at a wonderful private preschool!

What I love most about this job is the women that I work with. They have all been so friendly, and have welcomed me into the school, and their lives, with open arms. I truly believe that God put me in this position so I can become better settled in California. During the past month I have been invited to a birthday party, double dates, and Easter celebrations. This has meant the world to me. Thanks to all these wonderful people, I am finally feeling more settled and at home, here in California!

If I had to give you one piece of advice when it comes to anything in life it would be to try your hardest, and then trust that the universe has you’re back.

Make sure to read next Thursday’s post: Part Two: How To Determine What Your Dream Job Is.

xxo, Jennifer

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