Coin Necklace

Hi, everyone! I am pleased to announce that I am an ambassador for Ettika Jewelry! This is super exciting for me because they are the first Los Angeles based company that I have collaborated, with since moving! Ettika’s boho-chic jewelry is inspired by the sunny California lifestyle, and is sure to brighten any outfit. Their pieces are stackable, and perfect for the fun-loving, spirited fashionista! When I opened my Ettika packaging, I was beyond happy with the quality of my coin necklace. The design is beautifully crafted and it’s gems sparkle as I move. Lately I have been on a jewelry kick. The more, the better. So I couldn’t wait to pair my new coin necklace with my silver teardrop earrings and bangles.

Make sure to check out and use promo code CUTETEACHINGS to receive 15% off your purchase!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

xxo, Jennifer

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How To Style a Casual LBD


Hello, loves! Today I wanted to talk about a staple item in every girl’s closet, the trusty little black dress (or LBD). The LBD makes it’s mark by being the safety net in your closet. Have an event and you don’t know what to wear? Your LBD will be right there waiting for you, like a great BFF. But just because your LBD is (most often) a safe bet, does not mean that it needs to be a boring outfit.

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day, here in California! After our morning jog, my boyfriend and I attended church and then went on a double date for brunch. It was an all around beautiful Sunday! But that morning, I found myself in one of those tricky styling situations. I wanted to be dressed up enough for church, but casual enough for a meal with friends. That’s when my LBD came to mind! I grabbed my little black dress, made from cotton, and began to style it.

The key to styling a casual look with your LBD is to embellish. A LBD is just a plain black dress, until you make it your own. So add some flare! Personally, I love anything and everything bohemian, so I added my necklace from Nigeria and some large beaded hoop earrings. Adding your favorite jewelry will really help represent your true style.

Next, I love wearing black with cognac. I think that the black really makes the cognac pop! So I threw on my favorite gladiator sandals and matched them with my purse. These two pieces, along with my jewelry and denim jacket, brightened up my outfit and made it great for Spring. I wore my denim jacket because I love to layer, and wanted to take away from how tight the dress was. Finally, I threw on my REKS Optics sunnies, and was ready to go!

So make sure to stay true to you when you’re styling your LBD casual look. The key is to feel comfy and confident!

spring LBD

Cali girl

LBD spring outfit


LBD ootd

xxo, Jennifer

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Nigerian Necklaces

Now that the temperature in Boston is finally starting to drop, I want to mention my favorite accessories: my Nigerian necklaces. It can get a little hot wearing them during the summer, so I am excited for the cool air to come our way!  
I am very fortunate that my boyfriend comes from such an incredible family.  They have always been warm and welcoming towards me. His mother and father live in Nigeria and upon multiple different occasions they have gifted me these necklaces. They are absolutely gorgeous and I am in love with each and every one for different reasons!  They add a little special something to my outfits that make them different from everyone else’s.

While I am working at Express I get many compliments on my necklaces. Customers frequently ask where I bought them.  And while I love having this ‘strange’ and ‘different’ flare to my outfits, I have researched where someone could purchase similar necklaces to mine.  I find all these necklaces beautiful and intriguing.
While researching these pieces of jewelry I stumbled upon NOVICA.  It is a shopping website that is in association with National Geographic. They sell unique handmade products crafted by artisans from all around the world, through Fair Trade! I love this website and what it has to offered.  Hopefully you enjoy it as well!
I hope you all had a fabulous start to your week. Thanks for stopping by Cute Teachings!

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