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They say “Home is where the heart is”, and I could not agree more. Currently, I am California dreaming with the mountains in view, and a clear blue sky overhead. But even though I am loving my new home in the West Coast, a piece of my heart will always be in the East Coast, where I was born and raised. I believe that everyone should step out of their comfort zone, and discover who they are by exploring the world. However, I also think that remembering where you came from can be incredibly grounding.

For twenty-four years, I lived in a small town just north of Boston. I grew up doing all the things New Englanders love to do…

~eating a healthy Sunday breakfast, consisting only of Dunkin Donuts

~going on road trips though out New England, that really don’t take that long at all

~eating all the seafood I could get my hands on

~apple picking in the fall

~attending sporting events (we really do have the best teams)


~visiting beach towns

(just to name a few things)

After attending college in Vermont, I fell in love with a boy and his dog, and quickly moved to Boston with them. We lived together in the city for three years. During that time, I discovered a new-found love for Boston. There are restaurants rich with culture, districts that radiate with history, and parks that provide plenty of nature. To this day, there is nothing like running along the Charles River with my GSD.

While I love my new home and creating new experiences, little memories tend to sneak up on me and remind me of my roots. I welcome these moments, and hold on to them tightly. Because of this, I carry with me objects that remind me of New England. This is exactly why I love my Greetings From Map tote. I found this Spartina 449 tote at The Paper Store, and could not be happier with this bag. This large tote is of great quality and holds all my daily essentials and more. It features a beautiful map illustrating the Northeastern Harbors with beaches, rolling waves, and sea creatures. The tote has splashes of white, blue, and orange – which is one of my favorite color combinations. This nautical bag is a great reminder that you can take the girl out of New England, but you can’t take New England out of the girl. Whether I’m on the West Coast or the East Coast, I am thankful for The Paper Store keeping me stylish, and reminding this New Englander turned Californian of where she came from.

** ** **

Side Note: I thought it was important to note that this Greetings From Map tote comes from a collection, and there are other locations featured. Spartina 449’s Greetings From Map collection features products that have illustrations of Northeastern HarborsTexasSea IslandsHawaiian IslandsSavannah, and Bay Dreams

Thank you for reading!

xxo, Jennifer

This post was sponsored by The Paper Store. All content and opinions expressed are my own. Thanks for supporting those who support!

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Blog Talk Boston

Happy Sunday, friends! What an amazing week it’s been, here in New England. The sun has made it’s grand entrance after a week long hiatus, and it finally feels like spring! Let’s all cheers to that! It’s that time of year when every one seems a bit more positive. And with all this great weather, people have been out and about, smiling and chatting with friends.

Speaking of friends, I wanted to tell you about a great blogging event that I attended yesterday! It was called Blog Talk Boylston, and it was hosted by Life With Libby and The Next Gentleman. Guys, I had so much fun! It was a blast getting to know bloggers from all around the Boston area, who had different niches in the blogging world. Everyone mingled, ate cake, drank some delicious Hint Water, and just had a great time. When it was time to leave, I said my good-byes to all my new blogging friends and left with a big smile on my face. But that’s not all! I also got an amazing swag bag! What I love most about these goodies is that they are green (organic and/or eco-friendly)!


Swag Bag Details

Cosmetics: Au Naturale Cosmetics. Lip Balm: Splurge Skincare. Tee: HaRBeR Clothing. Hair Oil: Leven Rose. Facial Scrub: Gaffer & Child. Chocolate Bars: Taza Chocolate.

I also wanted to share with you, the outfit that I wore to the event.


IMG_2481 IMG_2477 IMG_2476 IMG_2475 IMG_2472 IMG_2471 IMG_2469


Pattern-knit Top: H&M. Pants Loose fit: H&M. Necklace: Africa. Black Faux Leather Purse: The Paper Store (Only sold in stores). Signmeup Gladiator Flats: Nine West. THESE FLATS ARE CURRENTLY ON SALE!

I had so much fun this weekend! I hope that you all had a great weekend too!

xo, Jennifer

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First Snow Storm of the Season

Happy Friday! If you live in New England, then you’re experiencing crazy weather! This winter has been a warm and mild one. All week long we were running around without a jacket due to the fifty degree weather! Last winter was completely different. Boston broke it’s record of amount of snow with 108.6 inches in total! Definitely earning us some bragging rights. However, after this unusually warm and sunny weather, we ended the week with a snow storm! How exciting?!
I woke up this morning and couldn’t wait to finally wear a scarf and my Bass duck boots! I love the cold. There is something so magical about the first big snowfall. The ground is pure white; not brown from footprints and plows. The trees are perfectly sprinkled with powdered, and look beautiful against the white sky. Everything looks peaceful. Especially when you have no where to go, and someone to stay warm with. After a short day of nannying, I grabbed my boyfriend and walked around our neighborhood. Boston was so quiet, with barely anyone out from work. Walking around this afternoon only confirmed that I am a winter girl at heart.
Untitled drawing (2) (4)
Being so in love with winter, I am all about the winter essentials and accessories. When I need to head out in the snow I always wear my Bass boots! Duck boots are big in New England; especially Bean boots from L.L. Bean. When there’s snow on the ground, duck boots can be seen on almost every pair of feet. I have personally owned both Bass and Bean boots. I find that the Bass duck boots are not only warmer, but more affordable. Furthermore, they have various styles and coloring that change every winter. I have owned blue leather, green leather, and now brown leather duck boots from G.H. Bass & Co. The only downfall to these boots is that they do not run in half sizes. This is a little bit of a problem for me, being a size 6 1/2. I decided to go down a size because the 7’s were too heavy to walk around in. Other than this detail, I love these boots!
OUTFIT DETAILS: Harlequin Duck Boot: G.H. Bass & Co. (Factory Outlet). Dark Wash Mid Rise Jean Legging: Express. Plaid Top: Old Navy. I purchased this shirt a few years ago. You can find other Old Navy plaid tops: here. Vest: Khols (Brand: Sonoma Life & Style). This vest was given to me as a gift a few years ago. You can find other great vests: Chaps’ Printed VestG.H. Bass & Co.’s Cheyenne Faux Shearling Vest, and A&F’s Hooded Puffer Vest. Plaid Scarf: Forever 21. Similar plaid scarves: Country Outfitter’s Katydid and Land End’s Oversized Square ScarfFaux Fur Pom Thick Knit Beanie: Express. This hat comes in a few other colors and can be found on this page.


Thanks for reading and enjoy the snow!

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