Blue Shift Dress

It can be argued that there is almost nothing better than a cute shift dress, during the summer time. A shift dress, for those who do not know, traditionally hangs loose from the shoulders with very little, or no, definition in the waist. This style of dress is perfect for those hot and muggy summer days. And trust me, I heard this summer in New England is going to be just that…hot and muggy. Thankfully though, these dresses are so casual and lightweight, they wont stick to you and make you feel claustrophobic and gross from the heat. This season, you will want to have a few of these hanging in your closet.


As I mentioned in my earlier post, “FOSTERIE: Clutch & Bracelet“, and Instagram, I went on a weekend getaway to Vermont this past weekend. Comfort and ease is exactly what I had in mind when I brought my favorite nautical navy blue shift dress from The Paper Store with me. The print is adorable, and I especially love how much room I have in this dress! It was perfect for lounging around on my last day, before beginning my three hour car ride back to Boston.

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Navy Blue Shift Dress: The Paper Store. This dress is from their spring collection. It is no longer sold online, but may be at select stores. Similar shift dresses from The Paper Store that I love are herehere, and hereDenim Jacket: The Loft. THIS JACKET IS CURRENTLY 40% OFF! Kilty Hardsole Moccasins: Minnetonka. Oval Shell Bar Midi NecklaceLovewell (Gifted from The Paper Store.) I am obsessed with this jewelry company, and you will definitely be seeing more of their pieces on my blog! This necklace may also be found in various The Paper Store locations.

Thank you so much for reading!

xxo, Jennifer

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Pattern Play

Lately I have been loving the trend of mixing prints!  I enjoy the way it looks and the way it can really make an outfit pop.  I feel as though the beginning of the leaves turning has inspired me to mix things up a bit!  Therefore, I decided to fully embrace this new inspiration by focusing on mixing prints this week.  But where to begin?  For those who want to embrace this new trend with me, but feel out of their comfort zone, I have a few tips!
An easy way to begin mixing prints is to replace your solid colored top with a monochromatic pattern in the same color.  Monochromatic colors are all the colors or shades of a single hue.  For example, you might pick a light blue top with dark navy polka dots.  I suggest initially choosing colors and patterns that you are familiar with.
Next, try mixing two prints with one unifying color.  You want to match colors, not prints.  So for that blue polka dot shirt we just mentioned, you could layer a plaid scarf over it with similar coloring.  As you become better at pattern play, you can try adding a third print to your outfit!
While creating an outfit with pattern play, it is important  to remember- mix small and large prints, not prints that are the same size.  Your outfit needs to have a stand out piece.  You can double up on the same print, or you can off set prints with one another.  Have fun with it!  Also, in my opinion, gingham is a great base.  And leopard goes with anything!
During my week of pattern play, I had a lot of fun styling my outfits.  I wanted colors that would be great for fall, and clothes that would be comfortable for work.  Living in New England, this week was perfect for layering.  It was cold in the mornings, hot during the days, and back to freezing during the nights!  

I absolutely love that scarf I wore on Monday!  It was a thrift store find during my trip to Virginia this summer, and I am so glad to finally be able to wear it!!  It is thin, which makes it perfect for the fall.  The orange and blue pop against each other, which brings a contrast that I really like. 

  My stripe shirt is extremely comfortable!  I like to wear leggings with this top because it is so long and flowy.  My burgundy sweater complemented the orange in my scarf and was great for the changing temperatures throughout the day.

Finally, I was excited to wear my new denim jacket!  For years I have been looking for my version of the perfect jean jacket, and I finally found it at The Loft!  The best part was that it was 40% off!  

My Leggings are from Express.  My Long T-shirt is from H&M.  Mine is from a few seasons back, however, that link will bring you to a similar tee.  My Leather Riding Boots are from G.H. Bass & Co.  They are from last winter.  The link above will take you to a similar leather pair.  My Jet Set Logo Tote is from Michael Kors.  My Denim Jacket in Sterling Blue Wash is from The Loft. My burgundy sweater is from Forever 21.  It is from a few seasons back, but there are similar sweaters here and here.

Tuesday I tried something different and mixed the pattern of my shirt with print of my shoes.  This outfit was a casual look and the pattern play was a little more subtle.  My down vest is extremely comfortable and is one of my fall/winter favorites.  Plus, the vest brought color to this outfit.

I love the small bows on my Tahari flats.  They give a hint of ‘girly’ to my outfit.

My Down Vest is from Lands End.  It does not come in this color anymore, however, it does come in eleven other others.  Right now this vest is 25% off with Promo Code STAYWARM at check out.  But buy it now!  The sale ends today!!  My Faded Medium Wash Blue Mid Rise Jean Legging are from Express. My black and white striped shirt is from Forever 21, but is from last year. Here is a similar top that Forever 21 is currently selling.  My leopard print flats are from Elie Tahari, however, I purchased them at Marshalls.

As one could tell by now…I love stripes.  Wednesday I wore a light striped sweater over a pair of black jeans.  The stripes on my sweater were not as bold as the stripes seen in my previously worn shirts.  Therefore, I went with a bold pattern to layer with-leopard print.  

I enjoy moccasins more than I probably should.  This specific pair is extremely comfortable and I will definitely be buying them in other colors! 

I love my scarf because, as I stated before, leopard print goes with everything.  Also, who doesn’t love a good infinity scarf?

My Lightweight V-Neck Sweater is from Old Navy.  That link will bring you to the current season’s style.  Here is a similar sweater, on clearance at Express.  My Black Mid Rise Jean Legging are from Express.  I am wearing ‘regular’ length, and have them rolled.  My Kilty Hardsole Moccasins are from Minnetonka. My leopard print scarf is from Express.  Here is the current style they are selling.  However, they tend to bring this infinity scarf back every winter.  Keep an eye out! 
I hope that this helped those who are interested in incorporating pattern play into their outfits.  Let me know what you love to mix and match!  
Until Sunday!  Thanks for reading!


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