Denim Challenge (Part 2)

Last Wednesday I decided to create a fashion challenge for myself!  While at an indoor playground, I noticed that all the nannies there, myself included, were in athletic clothing.  I will be the first girl to admit that yoga pants are a God sent.  Especially for those who work with children.  But I made the decision to dress better!  Just because us ladies work hard, does not mean that we need to dress like we are working out.  Here is my seven days of denim.
Day 1

My jeans: Express.  My Tunic Sweater: Express.  My Plaid Shirt: Old Navy.  It is no longer being sold, but here is a similar one.

Day 2

My Jeans: Express.  My Belt: Express. Currently, it is only sold in stores. My Shoes: Minnetonka.  My Stripe Top: Forever 21. This top is no longer for sale.  Here is a similar one.  My Scarf: Marshalls.

Day 3

My jeans: Express.  My Top: Express.  It is no longer for sale.  Here is a similar one.  My Scarf: Express. 
Day 4

My Jeans: Express.  My Sweater: Express.  This sweater is not sold at the moment.  Here is a similar sweater.  My Top: Express. Here is a similar top.
Day 5

My jeans: Express.  My Sweater: Express. Here is this year’s edition of my sweater.  My Jacket: Forever 21.  Here is a similar jacket.
Day 6

My Jeans: Express.  My Plaid Shirt: Old Navy. Here is a similar plaid flannel.  My vest was a hand-me-down.

Day 7

My Jeans: Express.  My Booties: Aldo. My Tee: Express.  My Flannel: Chaps.

I enjoyed partaking in this personal challenge! /  I woke up earlier than usual to plan outfits.  This made me begin my day feeling productive!  It was refreshing to not just roll out of bed.  Furthermore, the boys I nanny for have a lot of activities, which is great!  I felt more pulled together and presentable when I was out among mothers and other nannies.  Furthermore, with the cold weather this week, I have felt warmer in jeans opposed to leggings.
What fashion challenge would you like to partake in?  I believe that it is always a great idea to try and improve yourself, style included.  Your style is how you express and present yourself.  Look for inspiration, and find a new way to do that!

Until Sunday!

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