Denim Overalls

As any fellow busy bee knows, comfort is key. You can leave the house looking amazing, but if you’re not feeling great, it’s going to show within the first hour of your day. The better you feel, the better you look! I keep this in mind every morning as I get dressed. Monday through Wednesday, I work ten hour days-being comfortable is a necessity. The very first thing that I do in the morning is check the weather. You want to be prepared for anything that the day might bring. And as we know in New England, the weather is constantly changing. I find layering to be key in any outfit!

Another thing that I like to keep in mind is whether or not the outfit is appropriate. I nanny three boys, so I need to make sure that I not only look pulled together, but that I have nothing “hanging out”. Prior to nannying, I worked in at a daycare and let me tell you, I picked up some fashion pet peeves. When working with children, or really with any job, you need to make sure that you’re following dress code (whether established or not) and that you always cover up: belly, bum, and chest. Keeping this in mind, I found the cutest pair of overalls! I can play with the kids, and not have to worry about jeans that may fall down. Plus, this look is totally adorable! Whether I’m at the zoo, park, or museum I know that I will be ready for anything.

IMG_2483 (1)IMG_2484 (1)IMG_2485 (1) IMG_2489 (1) IMG_2487 (1)


Beth Denim Overall: G.H. Bass & Co. (Factory Outlet). Kilty Hardsole Moccasins: Minnetonka. Necklace: Africa. Black Basic Tee: H&M. I bought this tee years ago. Similar black tees from H&M: here.

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xxo, Jennifer

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