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IMG_1466Good afternoon, loves! I am currently up in Maine with the family that I nanny for, but I just had to share with you one of my new favorite brands for necklaces! If you have been following along with me then you may have seen one of these necklaces in a few of my previous posts. I received the bottom necklace in this stack from The Paper Store a few months back and instantly fell in love! The colors in this genuine shell bead bar neckalce are stunning! The hues of pink, beige and off-white stand out in this elegant and unique piece.

I ended up wearing the Oval Shell Bar Midi Necklace (bottom necklace in stack) so much that I knew I had to look into this company called Lovewell. (That is one of the great things about The Paper Store, it can open you up to a whole new world of brands! Whether those brands are local, big or small. It’s fabulous!) I did my research and, from what I found, I fell more in love with the Lovewell Brand. I knew that I needed to support this local business!

The co-founders of Lovewell are three sisters from Wakefield, MA named Renee, Natalie and Angela. They mirrored Lovewell after the idea that the three of them are very similar and nothing alike all at the same time. Each sister has their own individual style that identifies with their line of jewelry. According to their “Our Story” page on the Lovewell website:

Angela’s line is Boho. Her style is filled with embroidery, layering and mix-matching patterns and textures. Natalie’s line is Moto-Rock. She is a rockstar in her own right, donning leather, crop tops, and combat boots while performing and everyday. Renee’s line is Classic. Her closet is filled with classic essentials- black dresses, fitted jeans,  and cotton-knit tees.

By having these three lines of jewelry, they created a consistent look across all designs, with each individual necklace having its own identity and feel. Having my own sister, I really loved how they did this! My love for supporting local businesses really flared up here. My sister and I share similarities but have didn’t styles as well, so their bio felt very relatable to me.

As for the brand, Lovewell is a line that provides handmade bead-bar necklaces. What I love about this jewelry is the simplicity and creativity of each necklace. Lovewell creates beautiful pieces, without going over the top. Because of this, the necklaces are meant to be layered with each other, with other necklaces you may love, or even worn alone. They are complimentary, yet elegant all on their own. And since their necklaces are designed within three lines that fit the sisters’ individual styles-Boho, Moto-Rock and Classic-there is a little something for everyone.

Lovewell is a local, family-founded brand that provides beautiful jewelry, at an affordable price. What could possibly be better than that? Head on over to their website, and let the necklace stacking begin!FullSizeRender (31) FullSizeRender (30) FullSizeRender (29) FullSizeRender (28) IMG_1427 FullSizeRender (27)


Oval Shell Bar Midi Necklace: Lovewell (received from The Paper Store). Unfortunately this necklace is currently sold out. A similar necklace is the Blush Pearl Bar. It is adorable! The middle necklace that I am wearing is the Quartz Pebble Bar. It is made from Made with genuine Rose Quartz stones. The top necklace that I am wearing is the Boho Naked Collar.

Blue Jogger Pants: The Paper Store (only available in select stores). Champion Sneaker: Keds (purchased at DSW). White Basic V-Neck: H&M. A similar top from H&M can be found here.

Thank you so much for reading!

xxo, Jennifer

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