Meredith O’Connor // Style Fashion Week 2017

Style Fashion Week LA

A little over a week ago I had the amazing opportunity to attend Style Fashion Week LA, and interview Meredith O’Connor!! As you may know, Meredith O’Connor is a teen pop star who doubles as an anti-bullying/mental health advocate. She recounts her own experiences of bullying through her music, and through her travels around the world, speaking at various schools and events. Meredith is a successful young woman turned actress, model, and singer. Her music is loved by many all around the world, and some have even claimed that it has saved their lives. Meredith is an excellent example of a role model. She is easy to relate to, and uses her talents to connect with teens who are struggling with issues such as bullying and self-doubt.

Meredith O’Connor entered the Red Carpet with a huge smile on her face, and radiated positive vibes. She was extremely polite to all those that spoke with her, and had kind words of the designers that would be presenting that night. To me, Meredith seemed like a well-balanced woman. For that reason, when it was my turn to ask her a question, I asked the following…

“You seem like an incredibly well-balanced woman. Do you have any morning or nighttime routines that help keep you calm, motivated, and driven?”

Meredith’s reply was as followed…

“I exercise daily, and spend as much time with my friends and family as possible. And I also love to cuddle with my Chihuahua. He is a rescue dog, and my baby. If I am able to do all of those things, I’m happy.” 

I think we can all take a page out of Meredith’s book. She turned her negative experiences into a positive tool to helping others. She knows what she believes in, and is not afraid to be vocal about it. And finally, she understands the meaning of living a well-balanced life. I hope that I can one day have the pleasure of meeting Meredith again. Like many others before me, I too had a little brightness brought to my outlook on life after meeting her.

Style Fashion Week LA
Style Fashion Week LA

Style Fashion Week LAStyle Fashion Week LA`

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