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Happy Friday! It has been my first week back nannying since vacation. I had a great transition back, and I am so happy to spend time with the boys! We had a lot of fun this week, mostly playing Star Wars. Who wouldn’t love that? I hope, no matter what job you have, that you had a great week.
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 Now that the cold weather is finally upon New England, I have all my winter essentials in my closet. One of those winter essentials includes an oversized sweater. Well, many oversized sweaters, actually. For all those cold winter days, there is nothing better, or as cozy, as a warm oversized sweater. Not only do they keep you warm, but they can keep you comfortable and stylish on lazy days. 
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During my years in college, I loved to go thrift store shopping. You can find great pieces for only a couple of dollars! This off-white sweater, I am wearing, is one of my thrift store finds. It is not even suppose to be an “oversized sweater”, but is actually just a size too big for me. (Food for thought when shopping for sweaters, and trying to achieve different looks.)
OUTFIIT DETAILS: Cognac Leather Ankle Boots-Aldo. Medium Wash Low Rise Barely Boot Jean-Express. My Parshmina Scarf was a gift. Links to similar scarves here and here.
Although I am unable to find the sweater I am wearing in this outfit, I have found other oversized sweaters that I absolutely love. They are listed below…
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Thank you for reading! I appreciate all of you.



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