Queen Girls

Happy Monday! I am so excited to share my first book review with you! As many of you may know, I work with young children. Because of this, I have always had an interest in children’s books. It combines my love for children, reading, and writing. That’s why, when I was approached by one of the creators of the Queen Girls collection, I knew I wanted to know more.

Three girlbosses came together and created the Queen Girls collection. This multicultural team is formed by Jimena Durán (Spain), Andrea Doshi (USA) and Chiara Fabbri (Italy). They bring their diverse experiences to this initiative along with tons of love and dedication. Their books are fairy tales based on stories of real women, and are meant to inspire young girls. How awesome is that?!

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The first story written is “Brave Bessie, Queen of the Sky”. It highlights Bessie Coleman, the first black woman in the world to receive her pilot’s license. Through out the story Bessie pursues her dream of flying, while encountering obstacles and negativity from others along the way. Instead of these challenges defeating her, she stays focused on what she wants and keeps pushing towards her dream. The story is not only interesting, but also very inspiring. I love the beautiful, bright colors used for the illustrations, and the positive message the story portrays.

The creators of Queen Girls have an amazing mission. They want to give girls a positive view of life and help them envision their dreams as possible. This is why they chose to create fairy tales based on real women. To inspire and motivate young girls to pursue their own dreams. The creators of Queen Girls state on their mission page:

“Often times, classic stories highlight the strength, courage and skills of men. Female characters are often stereotyped or one-dimensional: the mother figure, the homemaker, the exotic beauty, the love seeker…We believe that we should be telling different stories to our children. Let’s encourage girls to find their happiness, passions, drive and self-confidence from within. At the same time, let’s help boys to move to a place of equality.”

I could not agree more with this movement to empower children! And, what may be best of all, the creators also believe in giving back to the community and this is why they stand on a One for One modelEvery time you purchase a book, another will be donated to local and international organizations who are fighting illiteracy and empowering girls. Pretty cool, right!?


The creators of Queen Girls are running a Kickstarter campaign to collect necessary funds to print the first book!  Queen Girls is hoping to reach like-minded people who can help them ‘kick’ their crowdfunding campaign! If you believe in their mission and want to be part of the movement, donate and receive one of the first limited copies here!

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Until next time, thank you for reading!

xxo, Jennifer

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