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Happy Monday, everyone! I wanted to share something exciting with you! Do you ever want something so bad that you wish for it, put out positive vibes, and then the universe seems to bring you exactly what you wanted? Well, that recently happened to me!

Before we move to California, Alejandro and I will be vacationing in Europe for about two and a half weeks. While writing my (potential) packing list, I thought of how it would be amazing if I had a pair of sunglasses that: matched everything, looked trendy, and would be durable. Not one week after setting these standards, I found the perfect sunglasses!

REKS Optics has everything that I want in a pair of sunglasses! They are completely customizable, so you can design a pair that fits your unique style. You are able to choose between a wide variety of frames, lenses, and colors (both for the frames and the lenses). REKS Optics are also affordable, with prices ranging from $30-$60! And best of all, they are UNBREAKABLE. Yes, I just typed that. These sunglasses bend and twist, but don’t break! Which is absolutely amazing. I finally found a pair of sunglasses that I can just toss in my bag, and not have to worry about whether or not they’re okay. These durable sunglasses are perfect for when I nanny, travel, or just for everyday use. What more could you ask for?

**When purchasing REKS Optics sunglasses, make sure to enter code CUTETEACHINGS for my exclusive offer!**


Sunglasses: Round Lumolux with gold frame and gold mirror lens

fall outfit

Sunglasses: Round Lumolux with black frame and silver mirror lens.

autumn fashion autumn outfitootd

REKS Optics:


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 Thank you so much for reading! Check back in on Wednesday, for a special post!

xxo, Jennifer

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