Weekend Getaway: Vermont

Weekend getaways. With summer officially beginning on Monday, they are probably on your mind. I’m saying goodbye to spring and hello to summer, with my own weekend getaway to Vermont. As I’m typing, I’m sipping my favorite Sauvignon blanc, sitting on a farmer’s porch that overlooks a beautiful lake, and loving this down time. There isn’t a sound…other than my happy GSD, waddling into the water. It is such a nice change of pace from Back Bay.

When planning a weekend getaway, I find it best to plan what you are going to wear a week before your trip. Here are just a few of my favorite staple items for a trip up North.

Untitled drawing (10)

Weekend Getaway Checklist:

1- Comfortable shorts

2- Loose Fitting Shirt

3- Romper or dress

4- Sandals

5- Sweater

6- Jewelry

Have a great weekend!

xxo, Jennifer

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